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Welcome, ICF Coaches: Empower Your Practice with Harrison Assessments!

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Discover the Transformative Power of Paradox Coaching with a Special Offer

As an ICF-accredited coach, you understand the art of unlocking human potential. At Harrison Assessments, we share your commitment and are ready to offer you tools that can elevate your coaching practice to unprecedented heights.

Take a dive into our innovative Paradox Coaching methodology with your special offer for ICF Coaches only. See first-hand how our approach can strengthen your ability to facilitate self-discovery and self-awareness among your clients, driving them towards their professional aspirations with clarity and confidence. Request a call below to get started.

Harrison's flagship Paradox report is now job specific

Enjoy a Complimentary Set of Harrison Assessment Reports & Debrief

Take advantage of our complimentary set of Harrison Assessment reports to gain a comprehensive understanding of the depth of insights that our tools can provide. These reports aren't just about identifying strengths and weaknesses, but also uncovering hidden talents, providing a holistic view of an individual's potential.

Free Online Accreditation for ICF Coaches

We value your dedication to personal development and the continual improvement of your craft. As such, we are offering a free online accreditation for all ICF-accredited coaches. This process ensures you're equipped with the expertise to optimally use our assessment tools, empowering you to take your coaching skills to the next level.

Hear from the Experts: Master Certified Coach Jonathan Reitz

Experience the transformative power of Harrison Assessments from those who have mastered its application. We're thrilled to present a video from Jonathan Reitz, MCC, a highly esteemed coach who has been leveraging our predictive talent analytics for over a decade.

Jonathan shares, "The Harrison Assessment is the premier behavioural assessment in the world today. I use it with all my coaching clients. The Harrison takes an extreme focus on behaviour and behavioural tendencies. Behaviour is changeable and coachable. You can get to the core of what's really happening within the first session."

Take it from Jonathan, who has used our tools to elevate his coaching practice, inspiring and guiding clients towards their professional and personal goals with remarkable efficiency.

Harrison's flagship Paradox report is now job specific

No Upfront Expenses unless you Decide to Proceed

We're confident you'll love our Harrison Assessments. However, we also understand the value of informed decisions. That's why we're offering you the chance to experience our services without any upfront expenses. You only pay if you choose to finalize your accreditation and proceed with your Competency Demonstration and initial unit purchase to use with your clients - no strings attached.

Harrison's flagship Paradox report is now job specific

Leverage the Power of Harrison Assessments in Organizational Settings

With Harrison Assessments, you'll be equipped to work with organizations in a more holistic and predictive manner. Whether it's leadership development, recruitment, succession planning, organizational analytics, or engagement, our tools are designed to help you navigate the complexities of talent management with ease and precision.

At Harrison Assessments, we believe in the power of great coaching. As a member of the ICF, we know you do too. Together, we can shape the future of coaching, ensuring that every session unlocks the full potential of those we serve.

Start your journey with Harrison Assessments today!

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